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Hapkido Classes and Lessons for Kids of All Ages near Schaumburg, IL

Our Kids Hapkido classes here at Kogan Self-Defense of Buffalo Grove, IL are focused predominately on teaching children the fundamentals of Hapkido. These courses put emphasis on kicking techniques that originate from Korea. Our dedicated instructors are familiar with teaching martial arts to kids of all ages and skill levels. Children who have never taken a single martial arts class are more than welcome at our facility.

Our highest level classes provide a space for kids to exercise and focus in a safe environment where they will build life long friendships practice healthy habits and behavior. While children will see many advanced students working on sparring, obtaining their highest belts and even pursuing their next black belt dan, we also welcome new students to come and try Hapkido firsthand. They will be surrounded by experienced peers who have spent their training preparing to lead others in the inclusivity and maturity that Hapkido training brings.

Contact us today or call us at 847-877-4711 and we will be pleased to answer all your questions. Our school is located in Buffalo Grove, IL in Northernwest Chicago suburbs.

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