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We proud to present our results from The Global Hapkido World Championship at Wing’s Stadium in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA on July 26-27, 2014.




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martial arts

Martial arts is excellent to study if you want to learn self discipline, fighting skills, fitness and confidence. Depending on what art you choose, Martial arts teach you striking skills, joint locks, throws and grappling. When you know Martial arts, you can defeat opponents by using a variety of punching, kicks, knees, elbows, locks and throws.

Martial arts will help you develop:


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History Of Crushalo

What carries the title: The school of martial arts, "Choi" – Style Master U Thaung Din? Origin of School?

The basis of our study techniques – Burmese Style Master U Thaung Din. Master styled his style is simple – Self-Defense. Later, the grateful disciples after the departure from the life of U Thaung Din, paying tribute to the greatest of respect, and have decided to call the style of his name. In Myanmar, by the way the Master taught his style very limited number of students.

Historically, that in Russia the school became known as "CHOI". However, Choi – this is not a style master U Thaung Din, a transformed and systematized knowledge that German Vasil’evich was studying with Master U Thaung Din. Thus was born the CTW (base-Sectional Method, or "CHOI"). In the Master Popov GV I had the privilege to engage in about 12 years, and before that eight years have Tolstikov Vladimir Petrovic, a student Popov GV

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