Master class

Last Sunday, November 8 2020, a master class in Hapkido took place in the "Kogan Self Defense" Dojo. The master class was conducted by a guest of our city, vice president of the International Hapkido Federation USA - Tan Tran and the organizer of this event, regional director of the International Hapkido Federation - Mikhail Kogan.

The master class was attended by more than 50 people, including several holders of black belts, as well as champions and prize-winners of world and other championships.

The class lasted over 5 hours. Basic techniques of Hapkido, as well as unique hand-to-hand fighting techniques were shown.

It has already become a good tradition in the premises of the Kogan Self Defense school. invite world-class masters for demonstration performances and master classes. Last year, Demid Momot (President of Hapkido of Russia, a man of legend, a brilliant master) was invited.


In a few months we will meet again with one of the most unique martial arts masters.

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