Ranks in martial arts are used as an indicator of experience and level of psychological, physical, technical, and tactical expertise. There is a corresponding belt color to each rank, which demonstrates recollection, balance, and harmony in the character of the student.

Testing for new ranks and belts is conducted every three to four months. New students begin with a white belt. The “Spetsnaz USA – Crushalo” Gi (uniform) consists of black jacket, a belt (corresponding to the students level), and black pants, especially made for martial arts training.

Crushalo Student Ranks

RankBelt Color
12nd Brown

Crushalo Master Ranks:

1st – 9th Dan. The Dan number is displayed via stripes on the black belt, with a one-to-one stripe-to-Dan correspondence.

Criteria for Passing Student Ranks Exams

White Belt

Basic stances, straight and diagonal movements, basic hand strikes and kicks from a stationary position. completion of all of the above with forward and backward escapes. Development of agility, strength, and speed.

Yellow Belt

All of the above mentioned techniques, as well as new hand striking and kicking techniques. Hand-foot strike combinations. Attack and defense combinations. Introductory concepts/techniques in weapons defense, including knife, stick, and gun defenses.

Green Belt

Repetition and analysis of all of the above mentioned techniques. New striking and throwing techniques. Defenses and escapes from stationary and no-stationary striking attacks. Proficiency in basic techniques.

Blue Belt

Repetition and analysis of al of the above mentioned techniques. new throwing and pressure-point techniques. Throwing techniques involving pushing, grabbing, locking, rotation, and bending of the torso at the moment of attack/counterattack. Proficiency in throwing techniques. Further improvement in hand and foot striking techniques. Proficiency in striking combinations; hand and foot striking sequences. Proficiency and experience in sparring techniques; “working” with your sparring partners. Further improvement and proficiency in weapons defense, including knife, stick, and gun defenses. Proficiency in self-defense.

Red Belt

Repetition and analysis of all of the above mentioned techniques. Fast/”explosive” had and foot striking techniques. Jumping-striking techniques. No-stationary, harmonious execution of all striking techniques is given special attention. Improvement in movement techniques. Circular technique of “sliding” and moving out of the line of attack.

1st Brown Belt

Repetition and analysis of all of the above mentioned techniques. Sequences and combinations of hand and foot striking techniques. Further improvement in weapons defense techniques. Experience in contact sparring. Proficiency in short-range, medium-range, and long-range fighting tactics. Developed strength, endurance, agility, and speed (number of movements per unit time). Self-defense – proficiency in cover techniques. Proficiency in short-range movements. 2nd Brown Belt

Repetition and analysis of all of the above mentioned techniques. Flawless execution of basic movements. Work with weapons. Higher proficiency and further experience in fighting and opponent. Better psychological preparation for fights. Utilization of attacking and defensive movements with torso rotation and jumping techniques. Customization of techniques for oneself.

Note: Training at the Spetsnaz USA – Crushalo school improves the students’ physical, creative, and intellectual abilities

Criteria for Passing Master Ranks Exams

The first Dan conveys that the student underwent five years of intensive training and obtained fundamental physical, technical, tactical, and psychological abilities. The minimum time span to obtain the first Dan is five years.

With each successive Dan, up to the fifth Dan, the student gains further expertise in hand-to-hand combat, weapons combat, creative fighting approach, customization of techniques for oneself based on the corresponding formal cluster of the skills, board braking, and instantaneous defensive techniques (based upon human instincts) against armed and unarmed opponents. In addition, the student gains more experience in sparring and competitions, as well as further improvement in his or her physical, technical , tactical, and psychological abilities. Moreover, the student acquires the ability to execute various movement combinations.

Dan ranks higher than the fifth Dan are given based upon , where the development of practical abilities that needs to occur in parallel to the development of intellectual abilities.

3rd Dan (and higher rank) students, upon successful completion of a special seminar and course, may become international instructors and judges.

The time span between each subsequent Dan must be at least three years. It is important to not that there might be exceptions to this rule for very talented students an a high technical and spiritual level, who possess extensive martial arts experience. Such talented students may be given up to one rank higher than under normal circumstances.

Dan ranks are awarded by a special commission of high-rank masters.

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