GHA Belt System, Ranking and Belt Promotion, Test Regulations.

The GHA Hapkido belt system is consists of 9 GUP or colored belts, which represent your different grades. Here are the Hapkido technics Hoshinsul (Self-Defenes) Pal Chagi(Kicking Techniques) KumsulChigi (Hand Techniques) Makki (Blocking Techniques) Nak Bop(Falling Techniques) Kyokpa (Breaking Techniques)Kyurogi (sparring) requirements for your belt promotion test. Of course, there are other requirements also for Hapkido Students to perform. Belt promotion represents advancements in you current rank and to show your developments towards black belt. When you reached black belt, your belt ranking will be totally different. Here they are:

Ranks in martial arts are used as an indicator of experience and level of psychological, physical, technical, and tactical expertise. There is a corresponding belt color to each rank, which demonstrates recollection, balance, and harmony in the character of the student.

Testing for new ranks and belts is conducted every three to four months. New students begin with a white belt. The “Spetsnaz USA – Crushalo” Gi (uniform) consists of black jacket, a belt (corresponding to the students level), and black pants, especially made for martial arts training.

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