2014 Global HapKiDo Championship Results - Kogan Self-Defense

2014 Global HapKiDo Championship Results


We proud to present our results from The Global Hapkido World Championship at Wing’s Stadium in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA on July 26-27, 2014.

Medal Count

Nicole Reynoso medal_small
Daniel Zovnere medal_smallmedal_small
Rafael Reynoso medal_small
Jacob Dubinsky medal_small
David Sulmus medal_smallmedal_smallmedal_smallmedal_small
Eduard Kalika medal_smallmedal_small
Vitaly Verlinsky medal_smallmedal_small
Patrick Lysenko medal_smallmedal_small
Max medal_smallmedal_small
Maxim Yanovsiky medal_smallmedal_small
Anton Grasyuk medal_smallmedal_small
Alex Polyakov medal_smallmedal_smallmedal_small
Natan Shayevich medal_small
Rachel Kot medal_small
Mickle Magitman medal_smallmedal_smallmedal_small
Paul Shubs medal_smallmedal_small

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